December update

Well fans its been a few weeks since the last post, unfortunately the new studio build has taken longer than expected. But the good news is that its nearly finished, so we will be back in full production swing in January.
On to the updates
Right the biggest news is we are playing with John Dahlback & M.A.N.D.Y. at Digital in Newcastle on Friday 10th December. It will be an honour to play along side 2 of our all time idols. So if you are in the north east that weekend, theres only one place to be!
Next up we have a couple of the releases in the pipeline.
First up, its another big one for us on Global Underground. we have been fortunate enough to Remix Trafik – The Difference, from their new album None but the brave. We have done 2 remixes, a vocal mix and a dub, bot are peak time progressive, and will feature on our new december mix set which will be online in a few days.
We have also had our track, “Just dont stop” signed by Axis tracks, its a peak time commercial tech track, supported by a beast of a remix from our Friend Dom Kane.
Last but by no means least we have a remix coming out on Dead famous records, the track is called Loco and its by Oil Brand. Make no mistake our remix is a very very Umek’esque peak time banger.
All the tracks mentioned above can be heard on our sound cloud They are all slated for release in Dacember & January.
Take care in the snow, and we will have another update before xmas.

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One Response to December update

  1. zerointeractive says:

    Wow! Your wicked tracks on Soundcloud are great! following you!

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