Next release – Baby Gravy EP (Mirabilis Records)

Mirabilis is up to its fourth release which comes courtesy of Tom Collingburn & Peter Kipling also know as Autophase!
The duo is known for their big room sound which gained support from dj’s like King Unique, Elite Force, Laidback Luke, Sharam, ATFC, Eddie Halliwell to name but a few.
With recent eps & remixes for labels like Global Undergorund, Curfew, Digiprana, Whos Haus & of course the mighty remix they did for our very first release they continue to build a strong name here in clubland.

Here they serve us with three big room bangers:
“Baby Gravy” is all about the big and hooky bassline which drives the whole track and the crisp and heavy beats.
“Ass” comes with a more dirty sound, a nice little bleepy melody, a break down that just builds and builds ….
“Tits” is the heavier of the three – with its techno bassline and sharp bits, mad glitches and crazy breakdowns is a musthave for the second half of your openair festival season!
Grab your fave of all of them and play them loud, very loud for maximal effect!

Early Feedbacks.
Dave Seaman – Tits is good!
Ben (A&R For Tiesto) – Baby Gravy 5/5
Jon Carter – I particularly like Ass and Tits. Obviously this refers to the music, but coincidentally enough……… ; )
Markus Schulz – Favourite Track: Baby Gravy, Thanks!
Andi Durrant – Ass is weird but interesting.. will give it some road tests over the nex few weeks
chris cargo – loving tits o how i love those tits
Kosmas Epsilon – cool melodies in the ass, enjoyed it 🙂
Matt Black – Like the techy groove of Baby gravy, Ass is a bit hard for my sets and Tits has a solid groove
JD Turbine (Digiprana – NYC) – Loving all 3, will play all of them in my club sets

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